Appeal for Donations to Help Atlas Kinder after Earthquake in Morocco

Author: Philippe Stuker

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The news of the devastating earthquake that struck Morocco last Friday has deeply shocked us. In these challenging times, it is once again evident that the poorest among us are the hardest hit by such natural disasters.
The Atlas Kinder in the village of Dar Bouidar have not suffered severe physical injuries, but the psychological impact is enormous. The children in the village are deeply traumatized and urgently need professional help. Currently, they are being cared for by on-site psychologists to assist them in processing their experiences.

While there were no direct casualties in the village itself, many villagers have been affected by this tragedy. They have not only lost their homes but also family members and friends. The extent of damage to infrastructure and houses is not yet fully known, but the sturdy construction methods have helped to keep the houses habitable.

In close collaboration with local authorities, the management of the village has decided to welcome family members of residents as well as children from the region who are in the most dire need, some of whom have lost their entire families.

Now, we call upon everyone to show their solidarity and support the children’s village of Dar Bouidar with your donations. Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of these children and families. Please help the children’s village of Dar Bouidar during this difficult time. Every contribution counts. Your donation can help bring hope and a sense of normalcy back to those affected.

You can make a donation here

Together, we can assist the people in the village and the affected region in overcoming this crisis and provide them with a better future. Thank you very much for your support and generosity.

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