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In a total change, the local structure of the village underwent complete reorganization and occupation. This major development has a global impact on the daily life of the village and marks an important milestone in the history of the municipality. From administrative restructuring to the renewal of major positions, new foundations have been laid, based on community efficiency, transparency and well-being.

Khalid El Quandili – President

Khalid El Quandili is a French personality of Moroccan origin and a former full-contact world champion. He is the director of Canal Atlas and shares his time between France, Morocco and Belgium, his adoptive country. Since 2017, he has also been president of Radio Mercure.

In 1984, he founded the association Sport Insertion Jeunes with the aim of “transmitting values to young people by involving parents, and in particular to restore them respect for authority.” After the riots of 2005, he organized the day “I love my suburbs” and brought together 5,000 officials from different French cities for a common exchange demonstration on the positive side of the suburbes. In July 2002, he joined the Ministry of Defense to deal with youth and citizenship. He was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honour for his merits.  He is also Vice President of the Moroccan Boxing Federation.

Moulay Rachid Kasmi – Director-General

Moulay Rachid Kasmi is a passionate leader. Entrepreneur and philanthropist, he has more than 14 years of experience in the media world and in managing sports and cultural events. He will join the CGEM as regional vice-president general.
Through his dynamism, versatility and professionalism, he launches a new challenge. Starting in April 2023, he will take over the leadership of Atlas Kinder, a project he cares about. A better future for these children is an absolute priority.

New Atlas Commissions for the Sustainable Future of Children

The introduction of new committees marks an important milestone for the organization and underlines its commitment to improving the efficiency and efficiency of its operations. Each committee focuses on a specific area and contributes to strengthening and developing Atlas Kinder’s work in this area.

The Volunteers Committee will focus intensively on the guidance and promotion of volunteers. It will develop guidelines and training programmes to increase the effectiveness and engagement of volunteers and to ensure that their work is used optimally.

The “School” committee will focus on education issues and will take steps to improve the knowledge and skills of teachers in schools. Working with education experts and teachers’ associations, the Commission will develop strategies to improve the quality of education and ensure that children’s needs are best met in schools.

The “Development” committee will focus on the architectural development of the Atlas Kinder. It will develop innovative ideas and projects to organize space and leisure planning and increase effective use. This committee will work closely with other sectors to ensure that the Atlas Kinder’s Development Goals are successfully implemented.

The “Events” committee will take care of the planning and organization of events to raise public awareness of the work of the Children’s Atlas and raise funds for its projects. It will develop innovative ideas for fundraising events and will work closely with the Marketing & Fundraising Committee to develop effective strategies to attract support.

The ”Health” Committee will focus on promoting the health and well-being of children. It will develop programs addressing health issues and establish partnerships with health professionals and organizations to ensure that children’s physical and mental health needs are met.

The “Partnerships” committee will work on the proper functioning of partnerships with international foundations and associations. The Commission consults at regular intervals with international partners.

The “Houses” committee will take care of the management and operation of the children’s establishments of the Atlas. She will ensure that the houses are properlyined and meet the needs of the children. It will also take measures to improve the quality of life and well-being of children in homes.

The “Education” Committee will focus on the development and implementation of education programmes and initiatives. It will work closely with schools and educational institutions to ensure that children’s educational needs are met and they have access to quality education. In addition, this committee will look at appropriate follow-up solutions for our children’s education.

The “Marketing & Fundraising” committee will develop marketing and communication strategies to improve the organization’s visibility in the field and will launch fundraising initiatives to obtain financial support and enable the realization of Atlas Kinder’s projects.

These committees will make a decisive contribution to the professionalization and strengthening of the various areas and themes covered by Atlas kinder. Through their specialized tasks, they will help maximize the effectiveness and influence of the organization and ensure that the needs and rights of children are met in the best way possible.

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