Financial stability in order to secure the future of the 185 children

Author: Philippe Stuker

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Dar Bouidar


The non-profit organization Atlas Kinder has set itself as a priority goal to secure the future of 185 children, 8 of whom are severely disabled. With a dedicated team of 140 employees, they do their utmost to provide these children with a safe, loving and encouraging environment.

However, they are currently facing financial challenges due to budgetary constraints that undermine the proper functioning of the organization. To ensure the continuity of its core programs and services, Atlas Kinder plans to establish revenue-generating partnerships with, philanthropic organizations and potential donors.

The organization invites people to support Atlas Kinder, either by contacting them directly or by making donations online through their website. Each contribution is important to ensure that the 185 children receive the necessary care and long-term stability.

However, it is important to emphasize that due to limited resources, no new children will be able to be welcomed in the next five years. The organization is already heavily demanded by its current obligations and focuses on ensuring the future of the children already cared for. This decision serves the best interests of children and aims to guarantee them a quality reception.

Atlas Kinder is fully aware of its responsibility toward these children and is honored to offer them comprehensive support for their physical, emotional and educational development. Her unwavering commitment to a better future for children continues to push her to unremittingly defend their needs.

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