SITES: Here you will find our foundations and associations

The construction of our villages would not be possible without the international help of our foundations and associations. Simply move your mouse over the orange dots on our world map to learn more about our global network:

  • Atlas Kinder Morocco

    Year of foundation: 2014
    President and founder Hansjörg Huber

    Atlas Kinder Association
    Douar Derb Chemch - Commune of Aghouatim
    Tahanaout, Marrakech
  • Atlas Kinder in Switzerland (foundation)

    Year of foundation: 2019
    President: Alain Huber, Yves Huber, Philippe Stuker

    Atlas Kinder Foundation
    c/o Alain Huber
    Sonnenhofstrasse 38
    CH-8132 Egg b. Zürich
  • Atlas Kinder Schweiz (Verein)

    Year of foundation: 2012
    President: Kurt R. Meier

    Swiss Support Association
    Dar Bouidar Children
    Aubrigstrasse 8
    8800 Thalwil
  • Atlas Kinder France

    Year of creation: 2019
    President: Jessica Sadoine

    Atlas Kinder
    20 rue des belles feuilles
    75116 Paris
  • Atlas Kinder USA

    Year of foundation:
    President: Jonas Tamir

    Atlas Kinder
    525 Seventh Avenue, Penthouse.
    New York, NY 10018
  • Atlas Kinder Belgium

    Year of creation: 2020
    President: Amal Meqor

    Atlas Kinder
    91, avenue de Jette
    1090 Brussels