Working for us

Whether you’d like to do some work as an intern, volunteer or representing your company -

there are many ways of how you can support us. A number of diverse and exciting tasks are waiting for you. And maybe you’d like to contribute your own ideas of how to enrich life in our village. We’d love to hear from you.



You have just finished school or university?

And you would like to do some social work for six months or longer? The AtlasKinder are happy to welcome interns who will enrich their daily lives in the village and at prep school. Our board will advise you on the different options.

Volunteer work

The life of a village is boosted by its visitors:

Do you play a musical instrument? Are you a singer or painter? Can you do crafts or dance? And would you like to share your talent with children? We have the professional facilities for you to do so. Our own prep school (crèche) provides room for creative ambitions, and you can also make use of our amphitheatre. Share your ideas with us!

CSR company projects

You want to have a painter’s studio, a music school or a library built for us?

Your company wants to donate a sports field, an animal farm or an organic farm? No problem. Discuss your ideas with our board members. If you like, you can also participate yourself on the spot when it comes to implementing your social project. For example, employees of the Spanish company Faes Farma came to build a playground for our children. Our village provides plenty of space for your ideas!