06. April 2018

Imagine a married couple investing around 90,000 euros, completing two houses in our children's village, naming them after their biological daughters and promising to provide for the new residents completely up to the age of 18. Impossible? That's exactly how it happened. The fate of our "abandoned" children was so dear to the heart of a donor couple who did not want to be named, that they spontaneously decided to finish houses no. 8 and 9 and to support the new 18 residents, including many babies, until they reached adulthood. The two houses named them after their biological children "Aicha" and "Loudia" and promised: "We consider the children who will now move in here as the half-brothers and sisters of our daughters".

A milestone in the young history of our village!

Would you like, within your possibilities, to follow the example of the generous donors and give a future to children who would otherwise have no chance in life? There are many ways to support us. Talk to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

July 16th 2017

Our new homepage is online.

Photos by Cherylyn Vanzuela and Andreas Koschate.

Concept by Nadia Saadi and Gabriele Riedel.

Texts by Nadia Saadi.